jay-islaam-is--surprisedFor four years now some annoying git in Pakistan, with a similar name to mine, has been using my personal email address to register for newsletters, utility companies, shopping websites, political parties and even social media accounts.

He’s given out my address literally hundreds of times, meaning I’m deluged with spam. Well it seems he used it to apply for work at a British recruitment firm, and they emailed back. So I thought I would have a little fun and respond, pretending to be him. Best to read my responses in the voice of Apu from the Simpsons, as that’s the accent I had in mind when I wrote them. 🙂



I didn’t get a response back for almost a week. Obviously, my new friend the Recruitment Consultant was a busy man. But I’m super keen to get into the British job market, so thought I should give him a prod just to confirm our teleconference.


It took another week before he finally got back to me.





It’s a month later and, sadly, Mr. Cooper still hasn’t responded. I do hope he’s OK.

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