I always suspected I was one of the best Muslims in the country. But it wasn’t until I was nominated for a “British Muslim Award” earlier this year, that I was officially able to confirm it to myself and to others.

There’s been a frenzy of speculation recently that Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has decided to become Muslim. If true, she’ll join the ranks of celebrity converts like Jermaine Jackson, Dave Chapelle, Cat Stevens and Mike Tyson.

The rumour does create an interesting anxiety for some Muslim Lohan fans: is it now wrong to masturbate to her old movies? Or is lusting after Lindsay suddenly sanctioned by scripture? Despite my newly-elevated status, surprisingly, I’ve no idea. But, if you know then please comment below. #AskingForAFriendObviously

Joining any religious community is fraught with culture shocks and the danger of committing unforgivable faux pas. As one of the best Muslims in the country – possibly the world – I’m in a strong position to give some pointers about what Lindsay can expect should she officially decide to join the faith. …Continue Reading »

What’s On magazine have just announced the finalists for their 2017 Awards. Very undeservedly, I’ve been shortlisted for the Best Midlands Comedian prize!! I honestly can’t believe I’m in the same category as the likes of Joe Lycett and Greg Davies. That’s mental.

The’ve also announced their finalists in the Midlands Breakthrough Act and Best Midlands Comedy Night categories, with both of those lists featuring some amazing names that I respect and admire.

Whats On magazine comedy awards 2017 …Continue Reading »

The British Muslim Awards, now in their fifth year, publicly announced the finalists for their 2017 prizes today. Wonderful to see that I’ve been included on their shortlists. I’ve always suspected I’m one of the best Muslims in the country. It’s nice to have that officially confirmed.

There are about thirty categories, and it’s truly an honour to be counted among such amazing finalists as an abbatoir, a bakery and the Co-op. This is truly one of the highlights of my fledgling career!

British Muslim Awards Finalists Announced …Continue Reading »

Although I never did anything with it, I originally trained as a theoretical physicist and mathematician. More than a decade later, I’m still passionate about both science and science history, voraciously devouring scientific journals and endlessly binge-watching documentaries. At university, many of my peers wondered aloud how I reconciled my Muslim faith with my studies. I never saw any conflict whatsoever.

dome of the rock 2016

A recent study has concluded that religious people are less likely to understand mathematics, biology and physics. And in the Western world there’s a common misconception that all religion is anti-science. The basis for this erroneous belief is the belligerent, often violent, persecution of those advancing the cause of scientific knowledge by Catholic Inquisitions, back in the Middle Ages. …Continue Reading »

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