Rembrandt - The Ten CommandmentsI’ve been involved in the world of comedy since the beginning of this millennium – mainly behind the scenes in various capacities. Earlier this year, I decided I would start performing stand-up comedy and treat it the way you would any full-time job. However, unlike most people starting out fresh on the circuit, I had the advantage of my experience working with, and watching performances by, hundreds of professional comedians over the course of many years. Based on what I’ve learned, I wrote myself the following “Ten Commandments for a new comedian” that, I must admit, I haven’t always stuck to as religiously as I should have. And I know I would be a better comedian if I had. Here, I share them with the world…


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Hello comedy lovers and lovers of Jay Islaam. (Many people argue those are two non-intersectional sets of data on a venn diagram. I hate those people.)

A non-comedy post from me today. This is just a simple request, urging my UK friends to sign the petition requesting the British government take action to eradicate female genital mutilation (FGM aka female circumcision). Sadly, this is a dangerous cultural practice that still claims many victims around the world, causing unnecessary suffering for millions of women. It is outlawed throughout the West but still continues “below the radar” even in places like the UK. The petition requires 100,000 signatures to trigger a Parliamentary discussion about it in the UK.