The British Muslim Awards, now in their fifth year, publicly announced the finalists for their 2017 prizes today. Wonderful to see that I’ve been included on their shortlists. I’ve always suspected I’m one of the best Muslims in the country. It’s nice to have that officially confirmed.

There are about thirty categories, and it’s truly an honour to be counted among such amazing finalists as an abbatoir, a bakery and the Co-op. This is without doubt the highlight of my fledgling career!

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Although I never did anything with it, I originally trained as a theoretical physicist and mathematician. More than a decade later, I’m still passionate about both science and science history, voraciously devouring scientific journals and endlessly binge-watching documentaries. At university, many of my peers wondered aloud how I reconciled my Muslim faith with my studies. I never saw any conflict whatsoever.

dome of the rock 2016

A recent study has concluded that religious people are less likely to understand mathematics, biology and physics. And in the Western world there’s a common misconception that all religion is anti-science. The basis for this erroneous belief is the belligerent, often violent, persecution of those advancing the cause of scientific knowledge by Catholic Inquisitions, back in the Middle Ages. …Continue Reading »


I read an article on the BBC a few weeks ago about a blackmail industry out of Morocco, centred mainly in the town of Oued Zem, where scammers use Skype to film unsuspecting victims performing sexual acts via webcam and then threatening public exposure if their extortion demands aren’t satisfied. They boast that outwardly devout, but hypocritical, Muslims are some of their favourite victims!

Lo and behold, just yesterday via Facebook I was contacted by a Moroccan scammer trying to ensnare me in one of these scams. I was bored and thought I’d play along for my own amusement… …Continue Reading »