This show is an insight into the life of a man with Asperger’s who is forced to travel the world by his employer. Jet-setting across the globe, sitting in fancy airport lounges and relaxing in luxury hotels might seem an attractive lifestyle for many. For the autistic it’s a distressing journey well outside their personal comfort zone. Being forced to deal with unfamiliar people, environments and cultures can be a living hell for anyone on the autistic spectrum.

Jay has had to endure conniving villagers in rural Pakistan, frightening military checkpoints in Palestine, racist border guards in Morocco, frightful interrogations by anti-terror police, a dangerous kangaroo stampede in Australia, and had to politely decline invitations to a public execution in the Middle East!

Autism Spectrum Disorder is much misunderstood, and Travels With Autism hopes to both entertain as well as enlighten audiences about the private battle that those with ASD are constantly waging with a world that seems alien and incomprehensible. The show debuted at the Leicester Comedy Festival in February 2016, and will go on to tour at other arts festival over the coming 12 months.


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In August 2014, Jay Islaam was due to debut his first ever solo hour at the Edinburgh Fringe. The show was previewed several times during the first half of the year, and was well received by audiences. It was an intelligent exploration of the failure of mainstream left-wing politics to counter the sudden spike in support for right-wing campaigners like the English Defence League, Britain First and UKIP.

Sadly, a week before its launch in Edinburgh, the hosts of the show – in response to pressure from their venue sponsors – cancelled the entire run and banned the show from being performed at the venue. This was a very disappointing outcome and the full-length show has not been performed since then.

Racist Joke Show

Racist Joke Show Poster Jay Islaam